Second Trimester

You will often hear the stages of your pregnancy referred to as trimesters, which are three time periods of about 13 weeks each.

The second trimester is made up of weeks 14 to 26.

During this time, you and your baby are going through some significant changes.

One of the most exciting parts of the second trimester is that you can begin to feel your baby move, which typically begins around week 16 to 20.

You are getting noticeably bigger as your uterus, placenta, and baby grow larger, and your baby’s weight increases from about 1 ounce to almost 2 pounds.

You may experience discomforts such as back pain, pressure in your pelvis, leg cramps, headaches, and dizziness more frequently, and this is perfectly normal.

Complications that can arise in the second trimester include blood clots in the legs, gestational diabetes, and preterm labor, so keep your prenatal appointments and your doctor apprised of any of your concerns.

Even though you might be bored of healthy foods, don’t give up on good nutrition! Every day, try to eat one serving of a dark green leafy vegetable, a serving of food or juice rich in vitamin C, and one serving of a food rich in vitamin A (many foods that are yellow, such as yams, carrots, and cantaloupes, are good sources of vitamin A).

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