First Trimester

Relax and Have a Great Pregnancy!

It’s natural to feel nervous about being pregnant and what lies ahead—labor and delivery, and going home with baby. It’s important to deal with any anxieties you may have, and focus on having a great pregnancy. Below are some guidelines to help you do just that.

• Don’t panic if someone bumps you in the tummy. Your baby is well protected.

• It’s OK to lift things—just don’t lift heavy objects. Sacks from the market and a young child won’t hurt you. Stay away from heavy lifting.

• You don’t have to worry about using a computer, a cell phone, a microwave oven or going through airport security. None of the machines involved in these procedures produce enough “bad vibes” to hurt you or your baby.

• Coloring or perming your hair is OK. The chemicals used in these preparations won’t hurt you. However, if the fumes make you sick, wait until you aren’t bothered so much by smells to have a perm or color your hair.

• Ask your partner to take pictures of you as you move through pregnancy. It’s fun to look back at them and remember how big you were when.

• Even though you may not feel sexy, wear a beautiful, supportive bra made for expecting moms. It can help you feel pretty and desirable (which you are anyway!). For added comfort for your breasts, check out sleep bras. They can add support to sore breasts while you sleep.

• Pamper your feet. Wear good, comfortable shoes. Get a pedicure or foot massage. Soak your feet when they’re sore. Use foot cream to help.

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