First Prenatal Visit

Before your first visit to the doctor, it’s a good idea to gather together some information he or she will need to help direct your prenatal care. Below is a list of topics you should be prepared to discuss with your doctor or to provide information about at an early prenatal visit.

• Date of last period

• How pregnancy was verified

• Method of birth control; when stopped

• Mother-to-be’s genetic, medical, surgical and psychiatric history, including OB/GYN history

• Mother-to-be’s family health history

• Father-to-be’s family and genetic health history

• Recent tests and/or medical procedures and treatments

• Rx and OTC medications, vitamins and herbs now taking, including any reactions to medications

• Chronic illnesses

• Allergies

• Alcohol and tobacco use

• Eating habits

• Normal prepregnancy weight

• Current exercise/fitness regimen

• Work and environment

• Where you plan to deliver

• General physical health


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